Transport In and Out

Access Update for 2021

Access Update for 2021

Highway construction will affect access to Haba Snow Mountain throughout 2021 and into 2022. Expect longer drive times and possible lengthy delays on the road from Qiaotou through Tiger Leaping Gorge, continuing on to Haba Village and all the way to Shangri-La. In dry weather, clouds of fine white dust may be kicked up by vehicles and road machinery. Some guest houses along the route could have deposits of dust inside the rooms. In wet weather, muddy roads may seriously affect progress and traction. Be aware that varying water levels on the Jinsha River may prevent the ferry at Daju from transporting automobiles across the river. On the road between Shangri-La and Haba Village, plan for possible long delays. Drive times between the two have been reported as long as 12 hours. Construction is scheduled to finish in 2022. The new expressway from Lijiang to Qiaotou to Shangri-La is mostly open with drive times of 2-3 hours. Some local residents and public buses continue to use the old road to avoid paying toll, about 120rmb for the entire segment of the new highway.

Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) Transportation

For transport in and out of Tiger Leaping Gorge, see Dan Siekman’s informative guide.

Haba Village (哈巴村) Transportation

Good paved roads lead from Lijiang (丽江) and Shangri-La (香格里拉) to Haba Village. Travel time from either city is around 3½ hours. Current road construction promises to reduce the time even further.

You can either arrange your own transport or take a 40 RMB morning bus from Lijiang to Baishuitai (白水台), getting off at Haba mid-afternoon. The bus stops at the entrance gate to Tiger Leaping Gorge, where you pay an entrance fee of 45 RMB.

From Shangri-La, a 35 RMB public bus takes you as far as Baishuitai. From Baishuitai to Haba Village takes 45 minutes and private minivan drivers will take you for 150 RMB. Inquire in Shangri-La for minivans that make the trip non-stop to Haba.

For the return trip to Lijiang or Shangri-La, minivans provide a reliable means of transport. Guest houses in Haba Village will have all the details. The trip south to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge (Tina’s Guest House) takes an hour, the trip north to Baishuitai 45 minutes. The cost is 150 RMB to either destination. From Tina’s there is a daily bus service to Lijiang and Shangri-La.

Ennu Village (恩努村) Transportation

Yang Guomao (杨国茂) runs a taxi service in addition to home-stay lodging. Phone 139-8878-4981 (Chinese only). The trip from Ennu to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge (Tina’s Guest House) takes 45 minutes and costs 150 RMB. From Ennu to Haba Village takes around 25 minutes and costs 50 RMB. Going further north to Baishuita takes an hour and costs 150 RMB. Other destinations: Qiaotou (桥头镇) 280 RMB. Lijiang or Shangri-La 500 RMB.