Recommended Treks

Black Lake from the northwest

Wondering where to hike? Look below for the best Haba Snow Mountain has to offer!

Recommended Day Hikes

Recommended Day Hikes

North: Day Hikes from Haba Village

You can walk to a small Yi Village where the women wear traditional ethnic clothing. The journey takes half a day. With a full day available, hike to the 40-meter high Jianshan Waterfall, the only falls on the north side of the Haba massif. For the village or the falls, take the Yi Village Route. Alternatively, you can reach the falls via the Jianshan Route.

North: Day Hikes from Black Lake

Camped at Black Lake or nearby? You’ll find the alpine scenery at 4,000 meters stirring and grand. When you’re ready for something grander yet, walk around Black Lake in an hour or two. If you have half a day free, ascend Col 4460 and view the lake and summit glacier from an unusual angle.

East: Day Hikes East Peak Group

For a strenuous but rewarding one-way day hike, walk from Walnut Garden Village to Ennu Village. You’ll start from Luke’s Hostel, trek up and over the edge of Tiger Leaping Gorge and then down to Ennu. Along the way you’ll enjoy excellent views straight down the length of the great chasm. You can arrange a home stay overnight in Ennu. The path between the villages follows the Luke-Haba Route.

South: Day Hikes Tiger Leaping Gorge

From the Middle Gorge area near Tina’s Guest House, don’t miss the descent to the Jinsha River and the bottom of the gorge, a 3-hour journey down and back. Awesome and then some! For details, read up on day hikes in the gorge.

Beginning at Tina’s, clamber up Dashengou Canyon past cascades and waterfalls. It’s a 2-hour round trip to the ravine ladder and back. This is rugged and wild terrain and inexperienced hikers may want to hire a guide. See the Bamboo Forest Path for more.

Empty Glad Platform offers one of the best views of Tiger Leaping Gorge. The round trip hike from Luke’s Hostel takes 3 hours. Consult the Luke-Haba Route for details.

Want to look down on Tiger Leaping Gorge from REALLY high up? Make Miner’s Pass your destination. The views of Jade Dragon and Haba Snow mountains are outstanding. This is a strenuous, full day hike on a steep path topping out close to 4,000 meters in elevation. See the Miner’s Pass Route for more info.

Recommended Multi-Day Treks

Recommended Multi-Day Treks

North: Alpine Lakes Region

Black Lake offers some of the finest alpine vistas found anywhere on the Haba massif. The approach via Lanhua Meadow Route is more gradual than others. Camp at Kentahua Meadow on day 1, arrive at the lake on day 2, and return to Haba Village via the Jianshan Route on day 3.

West: Jizhi Valley

Trekkers seldom track the Jizhi Valley west of Haba’s summit. Spectacular mountain views greet the intrepid visitor to this remote area. The three-day trek starts at Haba Village and ends at Qiaotou Town, near the start of Tiger Leaping Gorge. See Jizhi Pass Route for details.

South: Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge. Three words. One awesome attraction! Inaccessible peaks poke the sky, soaring three-thousand meters above the foaming river deep down within. Ranked as one of the top treks in China, and justifiably so. The two-day journey offers an unforgettable experience. Dan Siekman has written a practical guide.